08 October, 2011

# 1 - Spiff's Sensible Sense

I have plugged her so many times that GPR crawlers are going to penalize me for it:D

Presenting to you,
Spaceman Spiff, the one who makes Senseless Sense? Sensible Nonsense? go round.
No need for any long drawn out intros, she's already guest-posted for me.
And you already know she's awesome (Note: No exclamation mark).

She's here because she wrote a whole goddamn poem for my blog:D
Just for the record, not even my boyfriend has done that for me in all the time we have been together;P
So to say I was flattered would be the understatement of the bleddy century.

I remember the first time I chanced upon her blog from God-knows-where at 1 a.m during my summer break. I also remember having stayed up till 6.30 a.m digging through her archives and laughing so loudly that I woke the neighbors. No kidding.

She's that kinda person who defies definition. In a good way.
She's spontaneous, straight-forward, subtly feminine in a very non-shrieky way.
She's The Grammar Nazi. So what else do you expect, other that perfectly worded and properly punctuated sentences, a rarity in itself over here. No frills, no fancy, yet never fails to hit the nail right on the head.

And she's oh-so-sarcastically funny.
She has this way of making up phrases and expressions that I can't stop chortling at.
Examples:  Her Maa Junior episode, her movie review and her food guide.

She doesn't stick to being ONLY funny either. Damn woman went and made me bawl like a baby with her tribute to her friend's motherhood. Her affection for her near and dear bring out the best in her and her beliefs are strong and sensible. She is also 'ye piroud mellu'.

And it's not like she sticks to one genre, the world is fodder for her posts. I really envy the novel ideas she come up with like the 'what's in your bag' kinda post, her own 'crappy' signature and nails. Yes, NAILS.

She has a wishlist as well, one that tops everything I have seen till date:P

And she's also one of that breed I mentioned yesterday, the one who actually reads your post and comments a mini-post in reply. AND comes back to check if you've replied. Model reader, she is.

Like I have been harping on and on about, go read her frikkin' archives. Yes, ALL of you, even those who have been following her for some time now. Gold mine for you, that. Don't worry, her page loads eons faster than mine does:P


  1. I got to know about both of them (Spiff and Atrocious) through your blog.. maybe a month or so back!
    Well deserved winners indeed! :)

  2. I agree...this Calvin's alter ego female is one hellava writer...There has never been a single blog of hers that hasn't cracked me up or hasn't made wonder god how does she manage to come up with these things!!! (Divya by the way, you go up on my list as one of great writers who are women.) PV why the number 1, there were consolation prizes too is it?

  3. Love her humour. :) Amazing indeed. :)

    Nice tributes :) :) Well deserved :)

  4. @ Chandana, :) aren't they!

    @ Pinx, not really, I couldn't pick one of them to be #1 so both are:)

    @ Srinidhi, she is:)

  5. Ahaa... itni taareef!
    Can we like settle it between us, you dedicate an appreciation post and I'll get you a truck of chocolates :P

    I shall check spaceman spiff now. over & out


  6. I knew its gonna be spiff!! You need to include like buttons on your comments too PeeVee cos I so loved her comment. She's the genius no doubt :)

    And you, the way you write about anyone and anything is so awesome that I actually went through all the plug-ins even though I have read them a million times.

  7. Tht was sooo sweet f u. Her blog is ardently followed by me. Her sadhya guide was f great help to me during Onam..lol. She is awesome!

  8. No description is good enough when describing Ms Spiff and her oh-so-swesome blog.

    Ms Spiff has one of those blogs for which I keep checking for updates(among other interesting blogs) on a daily basis because

    1. Humor literally runs in her blood.
    2. She's sinfully punctual in replying to her emails and comments.
    3. She's particular about the language she uses on her blog and also strives for perfection in many ways; synonymous with being a Virgo(Hi-5, Ms Spiff :P)

    She seems more like the deserved 1st place Winner and its my good fortune that you've mentioned my name besides hers.

    Cheers :)

  9. Spaceman Spiff, thats the bestest testimonial you might ever receive......Make sure, you get PeeVee write the 'Forward' of your first book.

    HAving read this, I dnt think anyoneelse can do justice to that act!

    Well written PeeVee

  10. Aaahhaaa.... Spaceman Spiff....!!! One of the first blogspot I stumbled upon when I entered the blog world.. The first person to actually add me, read my posts and make me feel that I was not talkin to myself.. A Proud mellu.. She n her blog is what I refer to to prove my point that all mellus ve a uncanny sense of humor..!!! I read her piously and there isn't a single post that can actually disappoint you.. And yup I did read AS... And I felt so stupid... So stupid wondering why i never followed him til now.. :):) Congrats to both of them..!! They deserve it..

  11. @All: I shall give a detailed reply when I touch down to earth. I'm somewhere up on the 20th heaven right now. :)

    @PeeVee: I owe you one, sweety. I really do. Thank you SO much!

  12. I have read Spaceman Spiff and she's fun. Love that you are promoting the deserving ones.

  13. I love the blog post, how flattering. If someone would write like this for me, I'd die. I checked out her blog, and she be bloody good.
    P.S. I love Grammar Nazis. Long live, them!

    P. P. S. and I just realized I wasn't following your blog. Have rectified the mistake. :)

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  15. Have read Spiff on and off...especially loved her rant on the abuse of the English language...

  16. @ pee vee : You are too sweet for any human being on earth!

    Thank you for bringing yet another uniquely retarded (in a good way) blog into my world!!!
    You know i am actually thinking..after readig such amazing blogs why thehell would people visit mine! :P
    beautifully thrown light on her popular posts! :)

  17. @ aJ, naah, you need(ed) to write me some critique on my 100th post, that's all:P And I don't accept bribes:D

    @ Soumya, I know, right!! I wish I could-_-
    Awww, thank you so much love.

    @ Red, :P it was to me as well...

    @ A.S, :)
    that's the kinda comment I was talking about yesterday.

    @ The Meditating Lion, I'd only be honored to but I'm sure she'll won't want her very first page screwed up;P
    Thank you!:)

    @ Supernick, :) I think so too!

    @ Divya, na-uh, i owed you for the poem. Now we're even:)

    @ Purba, thank you M'dame:)

    @ Meher, thanks milady:) On both counts.

    @ Muhammad Israr, a pretty honest comment would have also done the trick, like Atrocious:D
    Thank you:)

    @ Psych Babbler, that's one of her best na.

    @ Akila, aww, thanks love:)
    Maybe you should be inspired by her!:)

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  19. @ Muhammad Israr, oh you'd be surprised at some people's comments who say 'great post' and 'wonderful' when they haven't even read the post.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. @ Muhammed Israr, I think you got it wrong. I wasn't comparing your comment to anybody else's nor was I referring to your comment when I said an 'honest comment' NOR was I talking about your comment when I said there are fake people. My apologies for generalising.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. @ Muhammed Israr, my apologies, yet again, for having given you the wrong impression. I can only assure you that I wasn't questioning your capabilities as a blogger.
    Anyway, it was a pleasure to have had you.

  24. I was introduced to Spiff, thanks to you :) Her posts are so awesome I found myself reading it over and over again. It's a bit disappointing that she's not blogging frequently now :(

    1. I know right :/ Feel free to tell her that!

    2. I did! But her blog seems to be fast asleep still :(


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